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Hi everyone!

Roseloveslena is a beauty and lifestyle blog. I’m from Holland and I’m 23 years old. I have a huge obsession when it comes to cosmetics and fashion. For a very long time I denied it. Until I realized my personal make-up stash was so much bigger then my friends. When I was a little girl no one could show me how to use eyeliner or explain to me what foundation was. I bought so many times the wrong color foundation and made some clothing mistakes. Around my twenties I started to figure out what works for me. Since a few years I discovered blogging, I thought, why did I not know about this before??  And know I’m Blogging addict. So I thought it was time to start my own blog. I know I won’t be the first Beauty lifestyle blogger, but I would love to share my experience and inspiration. I hope you all will enjoy it, just as much as I do!

Loves Lena

PS. Reviews, youtubechannel coming soon

Excuse me for my English. I’m a Dutchie So I try! Thx 

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